Cycling Bandon

Bike From Bandon to Port Orford

The third part of the trip.

The cycle ride from Bandon to Port Orford at 27 miles (44 km), maybe the flattest part of the southern Oregon coast. It can also be the least exciting, unless one takes some side trips.

Many bikers / campers will have spent the night at Bullard’s Beach State Park, just two miles north of Bandon and start their day biking through town. Prior to cycling through Bandon, note the Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge which is on either side of the Coquille River. The most efficient way to see the refuge is to cycle across the Coquille River Bridge and take the first right (west) onto Riverside Drive then stop in the parking lot. Have those binoculars handy and enjoy the views.

Continue biking south on Riverside Drive and enter Old Town Bandon, a great place to shop and hang around. Don’t get there too early if you want to shop. Then, cycle south on route 101, through Langolois to Port Orford. Blink and you will miss Langolois but don’t. Stop for lunch at the Langlois Market, which prides itself on the small town friendliness of the south Oregon coast. The Langlois Market is known for their hot dogs so be sure to try one. Almost directly across the street is the Wild Rivers Wool Factory.

South of Langlois / north of Port Orford are a few hills and several of the famous Wild Rivers of Oregon: the Elk and Sixes.

Prior to cycling through Port Orford, it is decision time as there are two campgrounds north of Port Orford, the Floras Lake – Boice-Cope County Campground and Cape Blanco Lighthouse State Park, one campground just south of Port Orford, then only a limited selection in Gold Beach, which is another strenuous 27 miles away.


Bandon has a wide selection of places to stay, from the inexpensive to the luxurious with majestic views of the Pacific Ocean from your room.

Hotel selection in Port Orford is more limited, with a motel, lodge and a guesthouse.


Bullard’s Beach State Park is located two miles north of Bandon.

The next public camping is at Boice-Cope State Park or at Cape Blanco, located a few miles north of Port Orford.

There is another camping spot at Mt. Humbug, just south of Port Orford.

Side Trips

There is an easy side trip just south of Bandon. After visiting Old Town, continue south / west on 1st street. It is possible to go out to Jetty Road, but this is a dead end.

Continue on 1st, up a hill, then turn right (west) on 4th Street, which becomes Ocean Drive SW, then 7th Street SW, and heads south as Beach Loop Drive. One could turn right (west) on 9th and make a short loop back to Beach Loop Drive and visit Kronenberg County Park.

But a must is to continue south on Beach Loop Drive and stop at Face Rock State Park (can you see the face?).

Continue to take Beach Loop Drive back out to Highway 101.

Continue south through Langolois to Floras Lake Loop (Co. Highway 130) and turn right (west). Follow to Floras Lake Road (Co. Highway 136) and turn right (west) to visit Floras Lake. Bear left with Floras Lake Road, then right on Boice Cope Road to Floras Lake and Boice-Cope County Park.

Return to Highway 101 in the reverse direction until reaching Floras Lake Loop (Co. Highway 130). Turn right on Floras Lake Loop (south) and follow back to Highway 101. Turn right (south) and enter Denmark (not kidding).

A few miles further south is Airport Road. At the end of Airport Road is a nice hiking trail (Blacklock Point – Floras Lake Hike) on the southern end of Floras State Park.

Otherwise, cycle across the Wild and Scenic Sixes River and head up to Cape Blanco Road. Turn right and cycle out the mostly flat 5 miles (8 km) to Cape Blanco State Park and Cape Blanco Lighthouse offering stunning views, whale watching and nice camping. This is a great place to rest up for the most challenging part of bicycling the south Oregon coast, which is yet to come.


The map below includes all side trips.

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