Camping on the Northern California and Southern Oregon Coasts

Yurts at Bullards Beach
Bullards Beach Yurts

There are at least 32 public campgrounds and many more private facilities along the south coast, from Reedsport to Eureka. Some are located near the beach with views of the ocean while others are located further inland or up one of the many wild and scenic rivers.

The southern Oregon and northern California coast is less crowded, so visit and enjoy the serenity, the spectacular views, the wide open beaches and natural beauty.

Redwoods Camping
Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park

The campgrounds to the north are located in or near the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area. Many of these campgrounds are oriented towards ATV / dune buggy activities and can be quite noisy, so choose carefully.

In northern California, many of the public campgrounds are in the redwoods and they fill up quickly, so reservations are required during peak months and should be made well in advance.

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Reedsport & Winchester Camping

Dunes ATV Camping
ATV camping

This is the Oregon Dunes area and many of the sites are oriented towards ATV’s and dune buggies. If you don’t want to be part of that crowd, do not stay there as there are several alternatives. This area also may have the best facilities for those camping with horses who also want to ride on trails. There are several sites that forbid ATV’s but welcome tents and RV’s.  More information…

Coos Bay and Charleston

Sunset Bay camping near Charleston

The topography changes dramatically at Coos Bay. North are the dunes, while south are cliffs with beaches in between. ATV’s in the dunes, while none are present south of town. West of town, near Charleston, are some of the prettiest camping spots and views anywhere.  More information….


Bullards Beach
Bullards Beach Camping

Bandon has the least variety of camping except there is one spectacular campground just north of town.  More information…

Port Orford and Gold Beach

Gold Beach has a shortage of public campgrounds along the coast, but Port Orford makes up for that with Cape Sebastian just north of town and Mt. Humbug south. Gold Beach has a number of private and two Forest Service campgrounds along the Rogue River, plus a few in town. There are a large number of primitive or limited service Forest Service camping options east of Port Orford and Gold Beach. Plus there are camping options further up up the Rogue River near Agness and the Illinois River. More information….


Brookings has Harris Beach immediately north of town as well as camping up the Chetco River. There are also options up the Chetco River that run from hookups to Forest Service Primitive.  More information…

Crescent City

Florence Keller Park

Crescent City has the campgrounds in the redwoods. They are located east and south and are fabulous, but they fill quickly. There are overflows near town that are built in second growth redwoods.  More information….

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