Dunes on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Dunes

Oregon Dunes near Reedsport and Coos BayThe Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is centered around Reedsport & Winchester Bay, then extendes south to Coos Bay.

The sand dunes rise to 500 feet above sea level and offer recreational activities including hiking, photography, fishing, horseback riding, camping, RV camping, and the use of ATV’s.

There are hiking trails through wetlands, forests and sand; campgrounds, beach parking areas and day use areas.

dunesThe size of the National Recreation area is massive. They cover over 50 miles of coastline, are centered around Reedsport and Winchester Bay, and extend south to Coos Bay / North Bend and north to Florence. The best way to experience it is from an ATV. If you have never been on an ATV, dune buggy, or quad, don’t let lack of experience dissuade you. Not only is riding an ATV a lot of fun, it is the best way to explore.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area allows the use of sand rail, motorcycle, 4×4, quad either through private use or guided tours. Vehicle rentals are available through area vendors. Included in the dunes are over 30 lakes and ponds with canoeing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and fishing available.

There are at least 8 public campgrounds south of Reedsport and north of Coos Bay. Many campsites cater to RVs and quad riders. A few, mostly just north of Coos Bay or near Lakeside, are for camping only or horse riding and do not allow ATVs or quads.

The Dunefest

ATVs on the dunes
ATVs on the dunes

Dunefest is jam packed with exciting activities for all skill and age ranges with plenty of activities all weekend long there is something for everyone!

Coos Bay – Charleston

Coos Bay / North Bend mark the south end of the Oregon National Dunes Recreation Area which starts immediately across the US Route 101 bridge to the north.  For more…….

Reedsport – Winchester Bay

Reedsport and Winchester Bay are the center of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation area and many of the tourist activities center around the … more

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