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Note: This website is not affiliated with any hotel or campground and we cannot make reservations for you. is a website committed to promoting travel to the southern Oregon and northern California coast. The proprietors of the site firmly believe that this coast is one of the most beautiful areas of the world; and is the most amazing, unspoiled, and natural portion of the coast, yet it remains largely unknown. The goal of the site is to bring tourists to vacation here, to discover the wondrous beauty.

The coast was settled by hard working people who made their living off the land. Now that most of those resources are no longer available, the economy is now changing to one of tourism. It is our goal to help with that transition to the travel and vacation industry.

The people are warm, friendly and welcoming. We have a relaxed way of life among the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, the mountains, the wild and scenic rivers, and the best that nature has to offer. Our roads are well maintained, yet largely uncrowded. We hope you will come and visit and enjoy a fabulous vacation of your lifetime.

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