Cape Sebastian

Cape Sebastian
View north from Cape Sebastian

Cape Sebastian offers stunning views to the north and south on a clear day. This is a “must” for anyone traveling the Pacific Coast Highway Route 101 through Oregon. Cape Sebastian is a designated whale watching site.

When entering the park, there is a split in the road offering access to the north and south parking lots. The view from the north parking lot is modest. The view from the south parking lot is what tourists come to see.

Trail view
View from the trail leading from the south parking lot.

From the south parking lot, there is a spectacular view of the Pistol River, 3 miles (5 km) to the south. The Point Saint George Lighthouse and Crescent City are 34 miles (55 km) due south. Don’t stay in your car, but venture out a short distance on the trail on the west side of the parking lot for views to the north of the Rogue River (6.7 miles – 11 km), Mount Humbug (26 miles – 42 km) and up towards the Cape Blanco Lighthouse (35.7 miles – 57.6 km). The flash from the lighthouse is not usually visible.

The trail from the south parking lot descends down the cape to the beach. Have someone drop you off at the top and meet you at the Meyers Creek parking area, the first one south of the Cape. A rope is tied to a tree to help you access the beach. Continue to hike south along the wide, natural, pet and kid friendly beach. Surfers and wind surfers frequent this area just north of Pistol River. Do not attemp to hike to the beach during storms or unusually high tides.

Pistol River
View of Pistol River from Cape Sebastian

From the north parking lot, the trail leaves from the east side, goes through a section of spruce and pine woods before descending through a series of moderately steep switchbacks down to a primitive road system near the base of the cape above the beach. The road system has many hiking and scenic opportunities. At the first junction a road heads east and will take you back to Route 101. Further on another road heads east and will take you back to Route 101. Continuing to the north and west the road enters the beach. From there you can hike to Hunter Creek and the beach access or up to the 333 mile post trail.

Cape Sebastian is located 5 miles south of Gold Beach with easy access from Route 101.

Downloadable GPX file from the north parking lot, north to Kissing Rock. Downloadable KMZ file for Google Earth of this day hike.

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