Bandon Oregon Sightseeing

Bandon, Oregon Sightseeing

Bandon Old Town dock
Bandon old town dock area.

Don’t miss the shops, galleries, and restaurants in Old Town. Then take a drive south to visit Face Rock and access the miles of coast shoreline at the day-use state parks on Beach Loop Drive. Don’t forget the Bullard’s Beach State Park just to the north and its small but historic Coquille River Lighthouse.

Bandon Historic Old Town

Bandon Oregon Old Town dock
Old Town Bandon dock area.

Bandon Old Town is six-block area on First and Second streets with the port to the north. Attractions include an eclectic collection of restaurants, shops, jewelers, art galleries, and a fresh fish market. Activites include crabbing, fishing, people watching and just taking in the view of the river and the lighthouse across the river.

There may be no better place on the coast to relax, watch the ships come and go and breathe the salt air. Park your car in a nearby lot and stroll down each short street along side the harbor and docks.

Bullard’s Beach State Park

Bullards State Park is located two miles north of Bandon, OR, and features fishing and crabbing opportunities plus boat launch facilities on the Coquille River.

Coquille River Lighthouse near Bullards Beach State Park
Coquille River Lighthouse near Bandon

Within the park is the Coquille River Lighthouse which runs tours and displays lighthouse exhibits.

Between March and May and again in the fall, visitors may observe migrating gray whales as they travel up and down the coast – although a smaller number of whales can be observed any time throughout the year.

Download a brochure of the campground or a park map.  Park information.

(541) 347-3501
(800) 452-5687

Coquille River Lighthouse

Built in 1896, the Coquille River Lighthouse is located on the north side of the Coquille River, the opposite side of Bandon, within Bullards Beach State Park. It’s open from May through October with park volunteers.

The Coquille River Lighthouse may be closed for short periods during restoration work. Call the park office at 541-347-3501 for current information.

Face Rock

Face Rock off of Bandon, south of town
Face Rock. Notice the face on the right side looking up.

After visiting Old Town, head south along Beach Loop Drive and wander along the coast. Be certain to stop at Face Rock on the southern edge of town. A large parking lot makes it easy to stop and enjoy a stroll along the beach at Bandon.

There is a Native American legend about this rock: Some say they hear a maiden’s voice with the wind. While standing on the cliff overlooking the ocean you may be able to pick out her face facing skyward on Face Rock.

There is a well-kept trail to the beach, and several rocky intertidal areas to explore tide pooling at low tide. A good spot for whale and wildlife watching. There is no fee to use the park. It is located just west of US Route 101 and south of Old Town Bandon.

Coquille Point

SealCoquille Point is an excellent place to watch seabirds and harbor seals. The point overlooks a series of offshore rocks that provide habitat for seabirds such as the Western Gull, the Tufted Puffin, the Common Murre and the Brandt’s Cormorant. Along the rocks are Harbor seals and occasional Sea Lions.

There is a paved walking trail that features interpretive panels with information about the wildlife in the area as well as local Native American history. Stairways access the beach on opposite sides and this allows hikers to make a loop of the beach during mid to low tides.

Notable offshore rocks include Table Rock on the north, Middle Coquille Point Rock in the center, and Elephant Rock on the south.

Coquille Point can be accessed from a parking lot where 11th street ends at the ocean.

As with all wildlife, be certain to stay away form the seals and Sea Lions. Do not touch or come near the seal pups. If they appear abandoned, leave them alone. The mother will return with food to feed the young.

Download a PDF of a map of the Coquille Point.

Bandon Historical Society Museum

The museum has displays of early history of the area including Indian artifacts, logging, fishing, cranberry farming and the disastrous 1936 fire that destroyed the city.

The gift shop has a wonderful selection of books, knick-knacks, jewelry, paperweights, myrtlewood and more.

The museum is open from 10 AM to 4 PM daily except Sundays. Admission is $2 for adults. Children free. Members free.

(541) 347-2164

Coquille River Museum
Bandon’s old city hall.
270 Fillmore & Hwy 101

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