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Surfing on the coast is easy. There are places to surf near Gold Beach, Port Orford, Bandon and Crescent City. Since this part of the coast is not crowded, there is none of the hassle of the more crowded southern California coast, or the Oregon north coast.



Windsurfers travel to Floras Lake which is located 17 miles south of Bandon, Oregon. Windsurfing on Floras Lake is popular for both beginners and experts. Floras is the place for lessons at all levels, because of its sandy bottom and fresh, shallow, warm (68 degrees) water. Lessons and rentals are available March thru October.


Those looking for surfing usually travel 25 miles south to just south of Port Orford, to Hubbard Creek (Doyle's Beach).


Port Orford


Surfers congregate just south of Port Orford at Doyle's Beach (Hubbard's Creek). There is plenty of parking along the road and access is easy. A few miles north are public bathrooms at the visitors center.


Gold Beach


Summer surfing is best just south of the Rogue River jetty in Gold Beach. During the winter, surfers migrate a short distance south of Cape Sebastian to Meyer's Creek.


Windsurfing is most popular in the meandering mouth of Pistol River and in the nearby ocean. The Pistol River Wavebash is held in this area annually. The prevailing strong winds out of the northwest makes this a favorite spot.


Crescent City, CA


There are six spots that are favorites for surfers in the Crescent City - Del Norte area. They are (north to south): Kellogg Beach, Point St. George, Garth's Reef, Whaler Beach, South Beach, and Enderts Beach. Sharks have been identified at all locations, so be careful. Kellogg Beach is located well to the north of the city, near Lake Earl. This beach is a local secret. Surfing is not affected by the tides, but is best with easterly winds and southwest swells.


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Point St. George and Garth's Reef are both north west of Crescent City, west of the airport.
Point St. George is to the north. Because this beach is not easy to get to, it rarely gets crowded. Winter, at low tide, is considered to be the best time to surf here.


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Garth's Reef is a short distance to the south. Winter is also the best time for breaks when winds are from the north. Look out for sharks.


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Whaler Island - Whaler Beach is at the southern end of town. Winter at low tide is best.


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South Beach is located south of town, just west of US Route 101. Some reports are that best surf is at low tide while others report high tide to be the best. The surf is bigger on the south end. Look out for rocks.


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Enderts Beach is south of town, in the redwoods national park. Surfing can be good throughout the year and is best around mid-tide. While there can be people on the beach, the surf is rarely crowded.

Enderts Beach is quiet and secluded and not too long of a walk. Turn left onto Enderts Beach Road off of Highway 101. There are picnic tables at the overlook just above the parking lot. The bathrooms are about 3/4 of the way down the trail to the beach.


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