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Discover a quaint town that prides itself on a variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Have a bite to eat in Old Town and just enjoy sitting on the dock for a view of the Coquille River, the lighthouse, and the ocean.


Bandon is called "The Cranberry Capitol of the World," as well as the "The Storm Watching Capitol of the World." Walk the beach, enjoy birding, surfing, crabbing, fishing, visit Face Rock, and access miles of shoreline at the day-use state parks on Beach Loop Drive.


The area features three of the world’s premier golf courses at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. The newest 18-hole course is Bandon Crossings, which was recently listed as one of the top ten best new golf courses in America. The region is becoming known as THE golf destination in the Pacific Northwest.


Map of Bandon and Area Attractions

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Don't miss the shops, galleries, and restaurants in Old Town. Then take a drive south to visit Face Rock andwalk along the beach at the day-use state parks on Beach Loop Drive. Don't forget the Bullard's Beach State Park just to the north and its small but historic Coquille River Lighthouse. For more information, ... more



Those who are serious about golf travel to Bandon because it iss home to three premier golf courses - Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails - as well as a new 18-hole course at Bandon Crossings.


Access to all Bandon golf courses is easy as they are located a short distance off of US Route 101.

Camping and RVs


There are two public places to camp near Bandon: Bullard's Beach State Park just two miles to the north, and Floras Lake which is located further south. There are several 'unofficial' camping spots along the Oregon Coast Trail, which, in this section, ... more

Bird Watching


Bandon is also home to the Shoreline Education for Awareness organization. SEA, Inc., which is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that has grown in influence and support, reaching 10,000 visitors annually.


Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge


Just north of town is one of the best places on the coast for bird watching: the Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, which is located on the Pacific Coast Flyway.

The Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge is a favorite for fishing, hunting, clamming and birding. The marsh is located just north of town, on the west, prior to the Bullards Drawbridge.


Bird species include the California Brown Pelican, the Pacific Golden Plover, Semipalmated Plover, Black-bellied Plover, Red Phalarope, Western and Least Sandpiper, Whimbrel, and Dunlin.


The refuge is 889 acres and is one of six National Wildlife Refuges along the Oregon Coast and is part of the Pacific Flyway.


Coquille Point


Coquille Point is an excellent place to watch seabirds and harbor seals. The point overlooks a series of offshore rocks that provide habitat for seabirds such as the Western Gull, the Tufted Puffin, the Common Murre and the Brandt's Cormorant. Along the rocks are Harbor seals and occasional Sea Lions.


Coquille Point can be accessed from a parking lot where 11th street ends at the ocean.

Download a PDF of a map of the Coquille Point.

Surfing - Windsurfing


Windsurfers travel to Floras Lake which is located 17 miles south of Bandon. Windsurfing on Floras Lake is popular for both beginners and experts. Floras is the place for lessons at all levels, because of its sandy bottom and fresh, shallow, warm (68 degrees) water. Lessons and rentals are available March thru October.

Those looking for surfing usually travel 25 miles south to just south of Port Orford, to Hubbard Creek (Doyle's Beach).



Deep sea charters, fishing in the Coquille River, visit a local lake or toss a line from the surf - plenty of fishing opportunities abound in and around Bandon.


Favorite activities include river fishing, crabbing, or deep sea fishing. The Coquille River flows along Bandon and out to the ocean. The river has a short season for harvesting wild coho salmon. Both wild and hatchery Chinook salmon are also caught. There is a public boat launch at Bullards Beach State Park.


The Crabbing docks in Old Town Bandon offer one of the few places along the coast that frequently has good crabbing for those that do not have access to a boat.


Bandon Crabbing


The Bandon high dock is a favorite place for crabbing and fishing. Rent a crab cage for 1/2 day or all day costing approximately $8.00 to $10.00 a day.


Dungeness crab, thought by many to be among the sea's finest delicacies, is thick in this area from midsummer to late fall, and available most of the rest of the year (commercial crabbing is closed August 15 to November 30).


Catch crabs right off the large docks which extends into the mouth of the harbor so you get a feeling of being out on the bay. The Bandon Crab Derby is held every year in July and August. Catch the marked crabs and win cash and prizes up to $1,000.


Bandon Fishing


Bandon is a working seaport with commercial and sport fishing originating from the port. There is a wonderful public pier in Old Bandon, but most activity from there is limited to crabbing.

For those wishing to fish, it is best to arrange for a charter or rental boat.



For avid hikers, the Bandon area does not have the attraction of nearby wilderness or national forests. However, it does have the Oregon Coast Trail, which travels through town and along the beach with spectacular scenery. However, this portion of trail offers challenges in that ... more

Tide Pooling


The best places to go tidepooling near Bandon are south of town. Coquille Point off of Kronenberg County Park is a prime location. A bit further south is Face Rock. These are the two areas near Bandon that have the most rocks and are, therefore, more likely to have tidepools. See the map at the top of this page for locations.



The cycle ride from Bandon to Port Orford at 27 miles (44 km), maybe the flattest part of the southern Oregon coast. It can also be the least exciting, unless one takes some side trips. Many bikers / campers will have spent the night at Bullard's Beach State Park, just two miles north of Bandon and start their day biking through town. Prior to cycling through Bandon, note  ... more

Horseback Riding


To the north is a wonderful facility at Bullard's Beach State Park which caters to those who want to camp and ride. Facilities include rings as well as ample room for horse trailer, RVs and tents. Numerous trails await the riders out in the dunes and on the beach.

To the south is Floras Lake that offers excellent riding trails but no camping.

The map at the top of this page indicates the locations of these to parks.



Face Rock, located 3 miles (5 km) to the south, offers a great opportunity to view whales. Whales are more numerous during the migrating season, they can be seen at any time of the year. ...more